Vallay Varro was a founding state executive director. She now serves as the president of 50CAN.

It’s game time. Today, MinnCAN releases our second annual State of Minnesota Public Education report. The report shows that when it comes to offering all of our kids a great public school, we’re not living up to our Minnesotan ideals.

We started MinnCAN one year ago as a movement of Minnesotans like you and me to change that. That’s why we're proud to also announce today the launch of MinnCAN’s 2012 legislative campaign: The Playbook for Education in Minnesota.

Building on the incredible momentum from last year’s policy victories and on the findings presented in MinnCAN’s 2012 State of Minnesota Public Education report, The Playbook for Education in Minnesota advocates for three policy plays to help Minnesota defeat its achievement gap:

  • Prize first-string teachers: Keep high-performing teachers in the game. Reward effective teachers and end seniority-based layoffs.

  • Launch the achievement power play. Expand schools that are working, close schools that aren’t and improve those in between.

  • Scouting Minnesota’s MVP: Most Valuable Principals. Enact a comprehensive principal evaluation system to bolster public schools and achievement gains.

We'll post updates here on our campaign and ask you to take action on behalf of Minnesota kids, and Minnesota ideals, to pass the commonsense policies.

Visit to find out more about our goals, read the 2012 State of Minnesota Public Education report and learn how you can help score big for Minnesota public schools.

Minnesotans recognize the need for comprehensive education policy reform. If we can muster the political will this year in our state to follow this playbook, we can put Minnesota back on track to becoming a world leader in education for every single one of our kids, regardless of their background.

See you out there.



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