Vallay Varro was a founding state executive director. She now serves as the president of 50CAN.

The campaign updates keep getting better and better: the bill that would remove roadblocks for aspiring teachers by opening alternate paths to teacher certification has just passed the Senate-House conference committee!

This means only two more steps remain in making it a law: both the Senate and the House must pass the bill, and then Governor Dayton needs to sign it. Fortunately the bill is expected to pass later this week, and the Governor already sent a letter to legislators on Monday announcing his intention to sign the bill.

Needless to say, we’re thrilled. Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle showed courageous leadership and a willingness to come together for a common good: Minnesota’s children. This bill will open up a new talent pipeline that will bring Minnesota one step closer to equipping every single Minnesota child with an excellent education.

Of course, the bill hasn’t been signed into law just yet, but we’ll keep posting updates here.


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