Local Foundations and Corporations

Bush Foundation
Carlson Family Foundation
Frey Foundation of Minnesota
General Mills
John & Denise Graves Foundation
The Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation
The McKnight Foundation

The Minneapolis Foundation
Minnesota Comeback
Otto Bremer Trust
The Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi Foundation for Children
The Saint Paul Foundation
Smikis Foundation
Travelers Foundation
WEM Foundation

National Foundations

The Joyce Foundation
The Walton Family Foundation

Individuals and Family Funds

Rob Albright
Gay Allworden
Libby Andrus
Julie & Doug Baker
Nicholas Banovetz
John Brandenborg
Conley Brooks, Jr.
Ashley Chirrick
Alex & Judith Cirillo
Jay & Page Cowles
Kitty Crosby
Elizabeth Finch
Gary Haugen
David & Barbara Henderson
Wayne Jennings
Holly Kragthorpe
Maureen Kucera-Walsh
Scott McConnell

Michael & Mary Kate McFadden
Richard & Joyce McFarland
Bonnie & Lee McGrath
Ginny Morris
Kate Mortenson
Marie & Lawrence Olson
Fr. Michael O’Connell
Timothy & Sandra Penny
Piper Family Fund
Remele Family Fund
Daniel Sellers
Richard & Karen Sellers
Soran Family Foundation
Edson Spencer
Sandy Vargas
Amy Walstien
Ben & Mary Whitney
Barb Yates

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