Josh Crosson is MinnCAN’s advocacy manager.

Minnesota's Post-Secondary Enrollment Options program is proof of our state's commitment to academic excellence and college access for all kids, no matter their background. Through PSEO, high school students can take college courses and receive credit toward both their high school diplomas and college degrees. This helps Minnesota kids stay on track to graduate from high school and succeed in college.

But PSEO is about more than just academic credits: it can also save Minnesota students and families thousands of dollars. Tell your state senator that you support giving colleges and universities the ability to advertise all the benefits of PSEO.

Under current state law, a college can provide information to students and parents about PSEO, but only pertaining to the program’s academic benefits. As a result, PSEO is an "insider's game," and countless Minnesota families are unaware of the program's financial perks.

Any moment now, the Senate will decide whether or not to allow colleges and universities to discuss with students the financial benefits of PSEO. Please call your state senator right away, and encourage them to make PSEO easier to advertise and understand.

This simple fix to PSEO law would make a huge difference to thousands of Minnesota families and kids.

Thanks for your support!


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