Want some investment advice? As a former economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis with over 40 years of research experience, I’ve got a hot tip for Minnesota investors: high-quality preschool.

Great preschool yields more bang for the buck than tax breaks to attract business and most public works projects. It reduces crime, raises graduation rates and cultivates a productive workforce.

But only great preschools yield this return – and right now, Minnesota families have no way to tell great from mediocre.

That’s why I uploaded my photo to MinnCAN’s Remove the Blindfold Project, and I hope you will too. Lawmakers still have a chance to enact a pre-K quality rating system this year, but it’s up to us to make sure they do.

As the Governor and legislators negotiate a deal for the education budget, we must show them that Minnesota families demand a quality pre-K rating system.

Please join me in participating in the Remove the Blindfold Project by taking a photo of yourself with the kids who are special in your life and uploading it to MinnCAN’s website – it only takes a minute.

Art Rolnick is Senior Policy Fellow at Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota. 


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