Vallay Varro was a founding state executive director. She now serves as the president of 50CAN.

The political stalemate we predicted has come to pass. Today Governor Dayton vetoed the education finance omnibus bill, which contained a provision on teacher effectiveness. That provision was the closest we’ve come all session to building a system to fill Minnesota classrooms with great teachers.

Luckily, the game isn’t over; it’s only just beginning. One way or another, the legislature and the Governor will have to come up with a compromise on education. That second round of negotiations is the perfect opportunity for us to make sure that deal includes a teacher evaluation system. But we need your help. Click here to tell Minnesota leaders to take advantage of this second shot at making sure that teacher evaluations becomes a reality in Minnesota.

After just a few short days, lawmakers have heard from over 1000 advocates urging them to put aside partisanship and work on an issue that will make a huge difference for our kids. With your help, we want to turn that number into 1500.

Since the beginning of our campaign we’ve been drumming up steady support for a teacher evaluation system, and now it’s time to go all in. There's already agreement from both sides that they want to get it done. Through an overwhelming show of public support from Minnesotans like you, we can make sure state leaders follow through and give our teachers and their students the evaluation system they deserve.


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