Big news from the Capitol: the House is holding a hearing for the education finance bill, the huge omnibus bill that would determine where just about every dollar for public education would go.

Right now we’re combing through this whopping 118-page document to get a better sense of how it would affect the current funding for districts across the state, but one thing we do know is that the bill contains a provision that would require principal evaluations. One of the goals of our Minnesota School Emergency in Effect campaign is to pass legislation that would establish a trusted system to evaluate teachers (tell your legislators to support the goal here), but keeping our school leaders accountable is important, too. Research by New Leaders for New Schools says that most principal evaluations systems focus on the wrong elements, and makes recommendations for how to structure effective evaluation systems that give principals objective and valuable feedback.

We’ve been at the Capitol all day (and will be there a good part of the evening, too) to follow what happens with the bill. If you want to follow it as well, you can get live coverage on the Uptake website.

Photo by Teresa Boardman


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