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The number of Minnesotans who prize first-string teachers just keeps growing. More than 2,000 citizens to date have told Governor Dayton to sign H.F. 1870 into law so that districts can use our state’s new teacher evaluation system to help keep their most effective teachers during layoffs.

If you haven’t yet, click here to join them in telling Governor Dayton to keep Minnesota’s great teachers in the game.

We’re not the only ones saying great teachers matter. The media is speaking up, too:

  • Star Tribune (4/5/12): “One of [the opponents’] constant refrains is that the bill is premature because a statewide teacher evaluation system approved in the previous legislative session is still being developed. That's an insultingly weak argument. The tenure law change would go into effect in the 2016-17 school year, allowing plenty of time for the new evaluation system to be in place.”
  • Pioneer Press (4/3/12): “There is nothing ‘anti-teacher’ about finding a better way to ensure that the best teachers, regardless of seniority, end up teaching the coming generation.”
  • Brainerd Dispatch (3/22/12): “Our students will be the beneficiaries of this change in law … Ultimately, the slump in our nation’s educational system will be eliminated and good educators will be rewarded for excellence in the classroom.”
  • Star Tribune (2/28/12): “Minnesota, unfortunately, hasn't done a particularly good job in making effective teaching a focus of policy. Last year, the National Council on Teacher Quality gave the state a flunking grade on dismissing bad teachers, in part because of the seniority-only law.”
  • Star Tribune (2/11/12): “In his recent State of the Union address, President Obama stressed the need for flexibility to ‘replace teachers who aren't helping kids learn.' By replacing its outdated seniority-only layoff law, Minnesota has a chance to take a major step in that direction … while strengthening the teaching profession…”
  • Duluth News Tribune (1/28/12): “State makes strides, but more can be done in the quest for terrific teachers … They lift up students, change lives, improve communities and strengthen democracy; is it any wonder Minnesota is an active part of the national trend?”

From students to parents to community leaders to the media, Minnesotans from all walks of life are coming together to stand on the side of our best teachers and the kids they teach. Now it’s Governor Dayton’s turn. Click here to tell him to sign H.F. 1870 into law.

Thanks for being a team player!


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