Daniel Sellers was MinnCAN’s executive director from 2012-2016.

We know that you care deeply about Minnesota public schools and students, and our latest statewide poll shows that you’re not alone. Education is one of the top issues for Minnesotans heading to the polls.

Explore respondents' hopes, priorities and concerns.

This fall, we investigated how Minnesotans believe our schools are doing and what education issues matter most to them, at the ballot box and beyond. Here’s just some of what we found:

  • Education is a top priority for Minnesotans, in the election and at the Capitol.
  • Minnesotans underestimate the achievement gap, and feel it will be hard to close.
  • Minnesotans generally see value in standardized assessments, but some see room for improvement.

Investigate the numbers and detailed findings here.

Above all, this poll revealed that Minnesotans want great public schools for all children but know that we’re not there yet and they expect our elected officials to take bold action to get us there.

We thank you for supporting MinnCAN in our work to take bold action for Minnesota kids.


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