Nicholas Banovetz is a past member of the 50CAN team. 

We're encouraging Gov. Mark Dayton and Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius to make a New Year’s resolution for Minnesota’s public schools in 2014: invest our public education dollars more wisely by using them to support policies that will close the achievement gap and provide a better education for all kids.

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In 2013, our state leaders committed $15.7 billion to education over the next two years. This historic investment is a great step forward, as our teachers and students need these resources. But putting more money into the system won’t automatically lead to a high-quality education for all kids.

In 2014, let’s resolve to make sure those extra dollars are put to the best use. Sign our petition and tell the governor and commissioner that Minnesotans support smart policies that, coupled with their investments, will close achievement gaps and provide a better education for all students.

Their leadership is paramount in closing Minnesota’s alarmingly wide gaps and boosting our black, Native American and Latino graduation rates—amongst the lowest in the nation.

We hope you’ll share our vision for 2014 and for a state that prides itself in strong public schools for all kids—no matter their background.

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