To rate or not to rate pre-K programs…that is the question (of the week). On Monday Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) started what will be a weeklong online debate to discuss the pros and cons of implementing a rating system for pre-K programs. We think this is a great forum to emphasize the importance of giving parents the information they need to make the best pre-K decision for their child.

Research shows that what a child learns in their early years have a profound impact on their success later in life. But a few weeks ago, the House dealt a huge but quiet blow to early childhood education by cutting the pre-K rating system from the education finance omnibus bill. That’s why we asked you to tell your legislators that we need to establish a pre-K rating system this year (if you haven’t already, write your legislators now!).

Requiring accountability for pre-K spending is an easy yet crucial investment to make in our kids' academic success. But Minnesotans will have to demand that accountability before it gets passed into law.

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