Daniel Sellers was MinnCAN’s executive director from 2012-2016.

Student teachers in Minnesota invest time and money in a 10-week clinical experience to learn from established educators. And the least we can do is ensure that their clinical experience is meaningful and productive.

Send a note to your legislators asking them to give student teachers the mentors they need.

Rep. Slocum’s (DFL-50A) and Sen. Hoffman’s (DFL-36) bills would pair student teachers with veteran teachers best equipped to mentor them. Unfortunately, a small contingency of legislators claims that this straightforward, bipartisan policy would somehow punish teachers. In fact, during a recent Senate committee hearing, Sen. Dahle (DFL-20) and Sen. Carlson (DFL-51) called the bill “punitive.”

This allegation couldn’t be further from the truth. Rather, this policy would identify and replicate best classroom practices, and ensure student teachers learn from effective educators–while allowing those who need support to focus on professional development.

Help set thousands of student teachers—and, by extension, their future students—up for success. Urge your legislators to support HF 2575/SF 2540 by clicking here!

Stalling this bill would only punish student teachers and kids.

Thanks for your support!


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