Josh Crosson is MinnCAN’s advocacy manager.

Every year, 9,000 future teacher candidates graduate from a local teaching program. Before they can take on the coveted title of teacher, they first spend 10 weeks partnering with a teacher who mentors and trains them.

Encourage your legislators to support H.F. 2575/S.F. 2540 so student teachers are paired with highly effective teacher mentors.

This Friday, the House Education Policy Committee will consider this bill, which can help student teachers have a positive and rigorous clinical experience so they enter the classroom prepared for success.

Legislators need to hear from you within the next 24 hours. Ask them to make sure student teachers are paired with the best-equipped licensed teachers.

This is our chance to replicate best classroom and teaching practices, and support new teachers' development in their profession. We owe it to future teachers that they get the most out of their clinical experiences.

Please contact your legislators today.

If you have questions about this legislation or want to share your story about student teaching, contact me at or (202) 957-2577.

Josh (MinnCAN's advocacy manager)


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