Nicholas Banovetz is a past member of the 50CAN team. 

Great teachers matter, and with the help of Minnesotans’ advocacy efforts, both the Senate and the House have voted to help Minnesota’s great teachers keep their jobs during layoffs.

In recent weeks nearly 1,000 of you urged your lawmakers to pass H.F. 1870, which would use Minnesota's new statewide teacher evaluation system to keep our best teachers in classrooms. They listened, some even setting aside party politics to do so. We’ve witnessed bold leadership in Minnesota.

Now we’re in the final round in the fight to keep our great teachers. It’s up to Governor Dayton to sign H.F. 1870 into law, but he says he hasn’t yet decided where he stands. Click here to tell him to stand on the side of Minnesota’s best teachers and the kids they teach.

The Minnesota Legislature did its part to take our best teachers out of the penalty box. Minnesotans across the state have continued to do their part by taking action in each round of the fight to get this goal passed into law. Now it’s time for the governor to do his part.

The work of our most effective teachers is too valuable and the lives they’re changing are too important. Please tell Governor Dayton to sign H.F. 1870 into law now.



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