Nicholas Banovetz is a past member of the 50CAN team. 

Last week we won a crucial battle in the Minnesota State House: thanks to hundreds of Minnesotans who took action, state representatives passed H.F. 1870, which would use Minnesota's new statewide teacher evaluation system to keep our best teachers in the classroom.

Now we face that same battle, but this time in the Senate. On Monday the Senate Education Committee approved H.F. 1870. Now it’s headed to the Senate floor, where the entire Senate could vote on it early as next week.

We’re halfway to passing a law that would prize Minnesota’s first-string teachers, and we need your help to get the rest of the way. Click here to tell your senator to support H.F. 1870.

Last week state representatives listened when Minnesotans told them that when it comes to staffing decisions, what teachers accomplish in the classroom matters more than how long they’ve been there. Please help send that same message to our state senators.

Minnesota can’t keep our best teachers in the penalty box any longer. Their work is too valuable and the lives they’re changing are too important.

Please tell lawmakers today to connect our new teacher evaluation system to staffing decisions so that it makes a true difference for our kids.



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