Josh Crosson is MinnCAN’s advocacy manager.

As we near Election Day (Tuesday, November 4!), we’re thrilled to provide you with the online MinnCAN election center, a platform where you can learn about the gubernatorial candidates and their views on public education.

After you explore the election center, take a few minutes to review the information below to learn how, where and when you can vote:


You can register to vote at your regular polling place on Election Day, as long as you have proof of residence. Visit this website to learn more and to download a voter registration form.

Every vote counts so please ensure that your registration status is current!
Voting early

Are the polls just not your thing? Now, in Minnesota, no matter the reason, every registered voter can vote early at their local city hall or request an absentee ballot until Election Day. You can vote absentee by mail, in person or by having a person you know pick up and deliver your ballot for you.

Get details about voting early by absentee ballot or request a ballot be mailed to you.

Sample ballot

You might know whom you’re supporting for Governor or U.S. Senator, but what about County Park Commissioner or Court of Appeals Judge? Do some research before Election Day by reviewing all the candidates with your local sample ballot!

However you plan to vote, just be sure that you do! Voting is one of the easiest and most important ways you can help ensure that Minnesota’s elected leaders have the best interests of all kids in mind. 


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